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xb firebolt

Post by xbtiger on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:09 pm

Hello fellow buellers, hope someone can help me out.
1. I would like to know from members how long you guys own buell xb model and how many km you have on your odometer and if any trouble what king
troubles you had.
2. I need to replace rear wheel bearing and do not want to buy from HD, way to expansive.
3. What can I do to the fuel gauge sensor any tricks to make it working long time?
I repl. low fuel sensor every 20.000km and I give up after that.
4. My cooling fan same thing it last only 8000km I repl. with new one it lasted 6000km now I have warning light in dash for cooling fan.
is there any way to put somekind of resistor or?? to get thet light off.?
5. My exhaust is most likely rusted out any tip on not noisy good aftermarket ones.

Now I would like to tell a bit of me, am from EU and my English is not good sorry, I have rode in the last 25 years mostly v-twin sport bikes bikes but
never buell. When I came here first thing was to buy a buell and see how does it perform. I wish I had that thing in EU!!e
My buell is xb 900 and I have 60000 km on it, no problems at all.
changing every 10000km oils, repl. orig. battery after 6 years, repl. front bearings at 40000km + belt, repl. front fork oil at 50000, tires and pads not counting.
I love my buell and I think I will never sale it.
I know I have lots of questions but hope someone can give me tips.

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Re: xb firebolt

Post by bcbueller on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:39 am

you can buy aftermarket parts from i work at hd in langley but i order lots of aftermarket parts . oil changes are usually every 8000km for seals slides and guides are every 16000km . i have 53000km on my bike but have not had issues with fans or level sensor like you have

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