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Battery constantly dieing, I may have the solution.

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Battery constantly dieing, I may have the solution.

Post by buellguy on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:42 pm

This is to anyone who has been having problems with there Buell 1125r or possibly any other Buell’s as it is a common problem with them. Buell’s are great bikes but there charging systems suck!

I bought my 08 Buell 1125r in 2011, I believe. I purchased it having a factory exhaust and ECM. My bike had less than 6000k when I took it home from the dealer. My bike ran like a dream. No issues what so ever.

After one season I decided to pick up an after market exhaust, race ECM and software kit to remap my bike. Following my installing my aftermarket exhaust, my bike was loud, excessively loud! My bike sounded like a helicopter. I was actually super scared to get a bunch of tickets for noise pollution. I can get away with in urban areas but in the city forget about it. I would roll on in to Vancouver and the noise would bounce off the buildings as though I was a lightning coming into town. People put there hand’s around there ears when I rode past them. It was a cool feeling but yeah I had to get a handle on this. I installed the race ECM and I had so much more control over the noise. It was just a matter of gearing to make it more quiet when I needed to but I could still make it super loud if I wanted to. The fuel was cheaper as well. Three weeks after installing the race ECM my bike’s battery would start dyeing. I went through 2 two batteries. My last battery I had checked at Harley, the battery was ok, nothing wrong with my battery at all. A friend of mine told me that stators are an issue with Buell’s, now I was a little worried. Replacing a stator is not cheap and my bike would be in shop for a while. My friend said that another possibility could be the race ECM, use the factory ECM and it might fix the problem. My buddy told me if the factory ECM stops the bike from killing your battery all I would need to do is have my race ECM mapped in order to control the noise once again. I paid 600 for a mapping kit from EBR.com, no not cheap but it will fix my problem. I’m just waiting to save some money and have my mechanic map my race ECM from the software kit to my bike. Hope this helps anyone who has had a similar problem… btw I heard if you don’t map your race ECM it does kill your stator faster.

PS if anyone replies with, “why didn’t you just put your factory exhaust back on”. Simply put by me… I’m an attention horror and I need that cannon noise on my bike. We all got Buell’s because there different from the other bikes and that sound is one of the trade marks.

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Re: Battery constantly dieing, I may have the solution.

Post by Dirty T on Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:21 am

I second the noise feeling

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